Unity is Strength, Knowledge is Power, Attitude is Everything. 


Sponsored by Lewis-Clark LiveStrong & St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

2nd & 4th Wednesday Monthly
STRMC...Conference Room 1
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Call Al Banta 208-746-3974 for additional information.

“Learning you have cancer may make you feel divided from the rest of the world. Although friends offer their support, they may not truly understand what you are experiencing. And you may be concerned about how expressing your honest feelings could affect them. Sometimes you need the support of someone who has walked the road you’re traveling.

Cancer Support Groups offer a warm, supportive environment where you can speak freely with individuals who share your experiences. You’ll find comfort in talking with people who understand things you could never explain to someone who hasn’t been there. Fellow support group participants can give you practical advice from how to deal with side effects of cancer treatment to coping with fear.”

The above is from a woman who is a ten year cancer survivor. She returns to each Support Group Meeting whenever she can to give back, to help others as they helped her during her battle. She brings the knowledge of diagnosis, surgery, treatment, her hopes and fears, the concerns of her family and friends, the assistance given her by nurses and doctors and ultimately her on-going battle with the fear that always lives somewhere inside you. She brings the value and appreciation of life. She believes we all have a “time limit”, but that you must live the rest of your life the way you want to live it, on your terms not on cancer’s terms.

The LiveStrong/SJRMC Cancer Support Group is a safe place to ask questions, share knowledge and find support for your concerns.

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